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Customer Journey Mapping Certification with EXCO 

Customer Journey Maps are just one critical element in holistic CX strategy, design and execution; they illustrate the steps your customers navigate to engage with your company. CJM's are not a one-time project, but rather an ongoing CX element that fits into the day-to-day operations. Therefore, it is imperative for sustainability to have internal teams trained and certified to design, execute, and action customer journey maps. In the end, CJM embedded into the core of the organization allows for engrained customer journey thinking putting the customer at the heart of everything you do.


The Customer Journey Mapping Bootcamp is a virtually interactive, hands-on, course led by three expert facilitators. This course will take place in 4 short 3 hour sessions and is perfect for those responsible for driving CX in your organization. Get ready to pull up your socks and walk your customer’s journey with best-in-class tools & methodology led by EXCO; The Customer Experience Company.

USD $950 per person.

Group rates are available for 5 or more. 


Next bootcamp: June, 2022.

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Customer Experience Building Blocks

CJMs as an integral part of your CX programme

Key elements of CJMs

CJMs vs other internal maps

Introduction to design personas

Developing a design persona

Applying the right personas

Mapping the journey for your persona

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Customer Journey Map Framework

Defining Persona Stages, Goals and Expectations 

Breaking down the details of a successful CJM

Measuring success: Tying internal data to CJM's

Driving action and gathering insights

Setting up for success

Tools & Methodologies: hosting a CJM workshop

Overcoming challenges

Going from CJM design to CJM thinking

Copy of Copy of Certificate of COMPLETIO
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