Impact of COVID-19 on Trinidad & Tobago

With the recent measures put in place to battle Covid-19 in Trinidad & Tobago, there is little data on the behaviour of our fellow citizens and many are asking “are we truly acting in accordance with the stringent ‘stay at home’ implementation of essential activity only”.

This infographic presents key findings of a survey with over 500 participants in Trinidad and Tobago. The Customer Experience Company Ltd (EXCO), in collaboration with Ajua, conducted the Covid-19 Survey over a one-week period (April 14 to April 17) via SMS messaging to an opt-in base of 1,200+ persons.

This exercise was undertaken to provide a voice for people across our twin island republic and is the first phase of a strategy designed by EXCO. We plan to leverage key partnerships to engage with populations and not only predict, but influence social distancing behavior to drive the needed ‘Flatten the Curve’ campaigns seen globally.

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Click here to download a PDF version of this Infographic.

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