Empower and Elevate Your Teams

Don’t leave success with your CX to chance. Ensure that it’s being carefully planned, executed, measured and managed.


You’re seeing the possible benefits from a CX team operating within your company, but…

Do you understand what an experienced based way of working looks like for your business?

A lack of understanding of where the CX team fits within your organization, their roles and how they should operate will negatively impact your CX Strategy.

Are you left with a pile of ideas and problems but struggle to manage and execute?

Sporadic actions, disjointed initiatives and misaligned objectives can have your teams feeling overwhelmed and as though they are swimming upstream.

Are you wasting rich customer data?

You may already have lots to work with, but your existing data means nothing if you’re not extracting insights and actions to improve the CX you deliver.

Does your CX team understand how to implement and sustain a CX program?

If implementing CX strategies is a once per year project for your CX team then sustaining great experiences that reap consistent results would be difficult.

Our Empower & Elevate service will equip your teams with the tools to elevate the experiences they deliver to one another and to your customers

What will your business gain from our CX Coaching and Mentorship?

How did it come to life for our clients?

After auditing the existing experience and designing the ideal experience it was time to execute! Using a hybrid agile and coaching approach, we worked hand in hand with our client’s CX Champion team to bring the strategy and its elements to life.


Executed actions to fix key moments along the customer’s journey

We embedded ourselves into the organization to execute key actions alongside team members by providing hands on coaching, and implementation.

Created an entire team of Customer Journey Mappers.

We empowered team members to independently Customer Journey Map using Exco’s methodology for future success.

Developed an onboarding program for CX resources

Customer Experience cannot be everything to everyone. exco worked to clearly define an onboarding program that included a detailed understanding of each departments role in the experience being delivered.


  • The Food Hall team contracted exco before our launch to market in 2022 to help us to proactively and intentionally design the experience we wanted to deliver to our customers. Exco used their tools and methodologies, specifically Customer Journey Mapping and CX Strategy and Foundation framework models to set the foundation for CX-Driven growth for our new business. Exco's CX work and expertise helped us to take a structured approach to designing and managing our customer's experience in a differentiating and sustainable way. They are experts in their field and are very passionate about the work that they do. Exco were always very flexible in meeting our demands and delivered their scope on time.They take a hands-on approach and pushed our teams to make that mindset shift to customer-centric rather than process-centric. I strongly believe in their ability to accomplish their client's goals and purpose and I will happily recommend their services for anyone that is looking for a professional partner.
    Omar Hadeed, CEO & Co-founder
    Food Hall, Trinidad & Tobago
  • WOW! What a result. The project was more than I hoped for and it's great to see our internal and external research validating the customer centric approach and the opportunity we have available to us. Working with exco was brilliant. They have really brought our CX program to a new level and have given us an understanding of what we need to do going forward. They make hard work fun and ensure actions and promises are fulfilled. They are truly customer obsessed and know how to get a group of people all running in the same direction.
    Louise McKeown Doogan, Marketing Director
    Magnet+, Ireland
  • We first contracted exco to do experience design and were blown away by their tools and methodologies. They brought new expertise, and provided us with a structured approach to delivering and improving our customer experience for a specific journey. Their cross-functional team approach truly helped to get alignment and understanding of that journey across our business, enabling us to shift our mindsets away from being a process driven organization to a more customer centric one. Not only were they our partners, but they were also integrated part of the team. Based on the impact of our first engagement with exco, we continue to work with exco on other elements of their holistic CX program to drive sustainable customer experience improvements in Oriental Bank.
    Jessica Lugo Melendez, Manager, Retail Transformation
    Oriental Bank, Puerto Rico
  • The exco team exhibits keen attention to detail, they follow through on initiatives started and ALWAYS think outside of the modus operandi. What stood out for me was the energy that the team brings - irrespective of the situation, they always brought so much positive energy to conversation and handle conversations and challenges really well. Thanks to exco, we have empowered our teams to no longer see CX as an abstract concept; they are able to visualise every strategic decision to reflect a positive outcome for our customers.
    Daven Govender, Chief Customer Officer
    Digicel Group, Jamaica
  • Beacon has always had CX programmes in the past and they worked out but we felt there was much more to be gained from them, for both the company and our customers. EXCO was engaged to help us put a robust structure in and build a foundation for a CX program that would function without daily oversight and was owned by the entire company and they were able to do just that!
    Nisa Dass, Senior Manager, Corporate Services
    Beacon, Trinidad & Tobago