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  • Chelsea Castelloe

5 Ways CX is like Coffee

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

5 ways CX is like Coffee…

I was drinking my morning coffee on my first day back from maternity leave and it dawned on me, this really is the ultimate experience. There’s nothing like a good cuppa to get you going. I realized, coffee is so much like CX… here’s how:

1. Makes you feel warm and cozy. If you have ever been in a workshop with me, you would have heard me say “you don’t want or need every customer to be happy”. Wild, right? Stay with me… Sometimes, ‘happy’ is not the emotion you want to evoke. When your CX program is pigeon-holed into achieving ‘100% happy customers', you can be negating some critical emotions and be misaligned entirely with the journey your customer is actually on. Picture this: you've just been in a car accident (gasp!) and need to file a claim with your insurance company. When measuring the success of the experience on ‘filing a claim’, is happy really appropriate? Perhaps you need to feel reassured, comforted, and confident in your agent's level of support.

2. It has to be just the right temperature. Too hot and feel the burn! Too cold and it’s a wasted cup. CX is very much the same. You have to have just the right balance to ensure it doesn’t tip over – holding the customer in ‘wow mode’ while keeping your proverbial ship afloat. It’s about making the most of what you have. Sometimes, it’s the little things that count the most, like the happy birthday note from your favourite store, or your local pharmacy saying “Hey Chels, how’s that leg pain?” Remember, "It's not the one BIG WOW to one customer that wins the day. It is the one little one delivered consistently to every customer, every time" (B.Quiseng). Your customers don't expect to be wowed at all times, nor do they want to." Remember, sometimes a consistent experience trumps an inconsistently WOW one.

65% of respondents would become long-term customers of a brand if they can provide positive experiences throughout the customer journey." (Forbes /2020)

3. It’s the perfect blend – You need all the right ingredients. You can’t have a coffee made of “milk and water” – then it’s simply not coffee. In CX, you can’t just slap on a score and expect results. Time and time again we hear “oh yah, we’re totally doing NPS”. What does that even mean, “doing NPS”? All you’re telling me is that you are already doing it wrong. Good CX is the output of multiple key ingredients that lead to a successful overall program (see below for key ingredients and click here for more detail).

4. Everyone makes it their own way – you’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again: personalized experiences are much like personalized coffees (I’ll take one grande extra foam, full cream milk, hold the caramel, two pumps of vanilla, half sugar, café latte please). One size does not fit all. If only one of those ingredients is missing, then it’s not MY coffee. To truly deliver to your customers, you need to know them intimately, their wants, needs, influences, motivating factors and so much more... And they need to know that you know them well! (Hint: how well are you journey mapping?) This is so critical that it’s actually the entire concept behind Burger King’s “Have it YOUR way” after all.

5. It’s all about sharing experiences – It’s like texting a friend on a rough day and knowing that the kettle is already on, or catching up with old colleagues over a brew or two. When you have customers coming back and telling their friends, (shout out to the promoters – detractors, we see you too) isn't that the ultimate goal for EVERYONE in the business? Increased retention AND new business! All based on the experience delivered by your teams? The concept of NPS is built entirely around this “how likely are you to recommend a brand to those near and dear to you”. It’s the true power of word-of-mouth marketing.

So in a nutshell, make sure that interacting with your brand feels as good as kicking your feet up and having a warm, cozy, cup of coffee; then telling the world how good it feels (#DoItForTheGram). That’s when you know you have achieved the ultimate customer experience.

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