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How does Santa leave a lasting impression without ever being seen?

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

With Christmas around the corner, we know this of year can present many challenges for the Customer Experience sector of many companies. Between the chaos of it all, it can also be a time to find an opportunity for WOW moments. We realised Santa is truly the master of CX and here are some things that we can learn from him, not for Christmas time, but year-round

1. He is the Consistency King!

Santa's fundamental values remain consistent year after year. The mechanics are simple: good children are rewarded and naughty kids receive coal. He always falters on the quality of products; on time and in the same place!

2. One step ahead of his customers

Santa and his team are masters of their customers. Sometimes, he knows what they want more than they know themselves. He even knows their sleep cycles... slightly intrusive, but hey, it works!

3. Santa really listens to his customers

...And he has a system to capture formal requests! Although he receives millions of letters Santa is still committed to reading each and every one of those letters and pays attention to the details of their requests. He segments these requests based on customer behaviour captured, analyzed and sorted throughout the year (which side of his list are you on?)

4. Each and every delivery is tailored to his customers: talk about personalized!

All of Santa's gifts are designed specifically around his little customers' persona. He analyzes data to find a gift that perfectly matches their wants and needs based on their specific location, lifestyle, and intended use of their gift.

...although Santa is the best, we hope to see him improving on his response rate and collecting feedback in 2022, some of us would love to know if he received our letters and if he liked the cookies we left for him!

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