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  • Sacha Thompson

My journey to Customer Experience

I’ve been bursting with excitement to share my latest news: can you guess? Well, I’ll tell you anyway… I’ve made yet another bold and brave move in my career: I’m writing to you as the new Chief Executive Officer of The Customer Experience Company Ltd. For those of you who may not know, I Co-founded EXCO about 3 years ago with Samantha Conyers & Chelsea Costelloe, the dynamic duo who have spearheaded its growth since its launch in May 2018 while I contributed along the way as a non-executive director.

Since entering the corporate world countless years ago (let’s not reveal any age here!), I’ve been on an incredible, fast-paced, albeit sometimes tumultuous journey that led me to where I am today. To understand how I ended up in the world of Customer Experience, I have to take you back some 14 years ago where it all began…

I’m most closely associated with my time at Digicel, partly because I am currently the Chairman of Digicel T&T, but partly because I have been proudly flying that red flag since its launch back in 2006 – 15 Incredible years! I played many roles within Digicel – from marketing (shout out to my first team), to operations, and finally I had the honour of leading the team as the CEO in 2014. It was in this role that CX snuck into my life. I witnessed, first-hand, how changing the core focus to the CUSTOMER had real, visible, and measurable impact on the organization. The ‘eureka’ moment – simply put, I knew this was the future, this was the GAME CHANGER, this was the REAL differentiator for us. That’s when EXCO was born.

In the midst of launching EXCO, I met a young, bright, driven entrepreneur with a vision for the undeniable future of payments in the Caribbean: Digital Payments. I joined the team that built a world-class digital payments platform from the ground up, right here in Trinidad & Tobago. At WiPay, the customer was at the heart of everything we did. We designed digital solutions with a customer centric focus, at a time when COVID-19 made it a must for businesses to go Digital. As I move on, I know this team is only just getting started and will continue to pave the way in the Fintech space in the region.

Fast forward 2 years, and here I am – back with my team of fearless CX advocates in EXCO. I have always been driven by people and organizations that set out to make a real impact on people's lives, in communities, in a sector, in an industry, in a country. That’s exactly what we at EXCO intend to do. Looking back on my career, the two consistent messages that stuck with me:

1. No matter what business you are in, you better be in the business of the CUSTOMER &
2. Great Experiences don't just happen - they're carefully orchestrated and designed.

I am committed to bringing these same results that I have seen in my own career through a focus on CX, to more companies in Trinidad & Tobago, the Caribbean, and beyond! We work with clients to create strategies, tactics and detailed action plans aimed at keeping the customer at the epicentre of business decisions to create win-win situations for both your bottom line and the customer.

I'm delighted to share my journey with you, eager to unlock this new chapter, and ready to rock the world of CX!

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