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  • Chelsea Castelloe

Reinventing the Customer Journey

The word ‘journey’ makes CX professionals either cringe or jump for joy. I say this because it has become such a buzzword that sometimes, its true meaning is lost.

With the world turned upside down, and consumer behaviour taking a full 180’ turn, it’s more important now MORE THAN EVER to understand what your customers expect, their goals, their buying patterns, and how they FEEL about doing business with you.

Over 60% of global consumers have changed their shopping behavior, many of them for convenience and value (McKinsey 2020).

I’ve witnessed lots of confusion between touchpoint or process mapping and customer journey mapping, and while they are all important and there are some overlaps, I’m excited to share the value and gains from Customer Journey Mapping, when done right!

Customer Journey Mapping is a very specific process that, quite literally, outlines every single step a customer takes (with or without your organization) that affects their journey and overall experience. Put simply, Customer Journey Maps keep companies focused on customers rather than themselves! At EXCO, we’ve customized our approach to journey mapping in a way that makes it extremely measurable and actionable.

Here's a sneak peek into EXCO’s Customer Journey Mapping framework:


Don’t just journey map for the sake of it (let’s go beyond ‘ticking a box’). Journey Mapping is just one part of a much wider effort and therefore, should align perfectly to the project at hand. Take some time to understand WHY there is a need to map the journey and what outcomes you expect from doing so. It’s important (read: critical) to align with key sta

keholders to manage expectations upfront and get buy in from all tiers within the organization. Lastly, exactly what journey are you going to map? Be specific so that the outcome too is specific and tangible.

2. Research & Prepare

For your sake, and for the sake of the team, don’t go into a session blindly. Research and review as much as you can about the organization; customer feedback, contact centre statistics, internal reports, product propositions and plans, etc.

3. The Workshop

This is where the proverbial rubber hits road! Set up your session to include a cross section of departments within the organization for a cross-functional approach. Encourage all participants to let go of roles, defenses, workplace battles, and the politics. Enter these sessions with an open mind with ONE clear goal: THE CUSTOMER.

4. The Journey Map

Whether you’re using digital tools (Miro, Mural, Uxpressia, Excel) or you’re making it with good old post-its and markers, make sure your map is filled with enough detail to gather insights. This map should have input and verifications from all teams. More importantly, it needs to be a true reflection of your customer’s actual journey; use customer feedback and internal metrics to make your map more than just a pretty face.

5. Pulling insights and driving action

Journey mapping is not a one-time ‘task’ to tick off your CX list or a once a year initiative. You’ve only just scraped the surface. This is where your CX experts need to review, analyze, dig deeper, and research further to identify moments of truth, pain points, and wow moments! More importantly, a journey map should result in a clear, actionable, and measurable plan to improve your Customer’s Experience.

6. Embedding CJM Mindset

Let your journey map become a part of your daily thinking. Every so often (we suggest at least one a quarter), take an unhappy customer (or a thrilled customer) and place their journey against your map to identify the gaps. Update the maps as you make changes, show the improvement and have the team use these maps as live working documents to get to ULTIMATE CX.

2020 has propelled us into a more digital world, which means your workshop may look a bit more remote than it used to! That doesn’t mean it needs to be any less engaging & valuable. Consider using virtual collaboration tools (personal fav: Miro), break out rooms, and video chat sessions. Break it up into smaller sessions rather than long, daunting days.

We are offering a Customer Journey Mapping Bootcamp so that you can get certified and take your CX to the next level. This will be an online, engaging, interactive course led by the EXCO team using best-in-class framework, tools, and CJM methodologies.

HAPPY MAPPING! Share your thoughts in the comments with me, would love to hear your approach to Journey Mapping!

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