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Our 'one-stop-shop' philosophy ensures that we can work

through every step of the process under one umbrella.

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Customer Journey Mapping (CJM)

Customer Journey Maps are a critical element in a well thought out CX strategy, design and execution; they illustrate the steps your customers navigate to engage with your company and outline the ways your customers interact with all touch points. Put simply, Customer Journey Maps keep companies focused on customers rather than themselves.


EXCO uses Journey Mapping to drive engaging, successful and ultimately paradigm shifting sessions. We start by capitalising on any existing customer relationship data, process maps and feedback before gathering a cross-functional group to walk through the customer journey. We take it a step further by incorporating a facilitative problem-solving process to think beyond the existing experience - “What would be the ideal experience?” Here, best ideas are shared and breakthrough experiences that lead to competitive differentiation are conceived, all the while engaging and exciting your team.

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No matter where you are on your Customer Experience Journey - whether you are just beginning with the basics or you have a dedicated CX team and program - EXCO works with you to enhance your customer experience, ultimately setting you up for success. 

We embed ourselves into your organization to truly represent your customer at the heart of every operation. This goes beyond the traditional training of frontline teams - it's about ensuring your back-end systems, processes and teams are all working in tandem to best serve your customer, and in turn, delivering results that impact your bottom line. 

Customer Experience Transformation

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Voice of the Customer (VoC) is just what is sounds like; a platform that proactively seeks out your customer’s feedback about their experiences with and expectations for your products or services, it gives your customer a voice!


Digital Research allows businesses to engage with the market and their customers directly - there is no middleman and no need to recruit participants. Customer Feedback will remove subjectivity from Decision-making within your organization. Data eliminates subjectivity and facilitates more data-driven decision making. Thus avoiding decisions that are based on intuition or opinions of key influencers.

Customer Feedback

Voice of the Customer




Deep dive into the

current experience



Is your customers' actual Journey what your employees think it is?



Map the current customer experience across key touchpoints



What are the Pain Points & Magic Moments and how do we ‘close the loop'.

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