Customer Experience (CX) has been recognized across the world as one of the most powerful pillars in a business' strategy. In fact, according to a recent report by Temkin Group, 84% of organisations working to improve CX report an increase in revenue. 

There’s a lot of talk and buzz about “Customer Experience”, but are we even really doing it? On October 24th, the Caribbean's 1st Customer Experience event, featured industry leaders taking the stage to share best-in-class CX strategies. 

Deep-diving into 5 critical areas:  

  1. Setting up your CX program for Success: Sacha Thompson, former CEO and current Chairman of Digicel Trinidad & Tobago Ltd and Director at EXco spoke on exactly what it takes and where to start in setting up your Customer Experience program. Sharing real examples, strategies and tools for success!

  2. Measuring the Voice of your Customer: Kenfield Griffith, PhD from MIT, Co-founder and CEO of Ajua (formerly mSurvey) shared (and shows) how to focus on designing better products, and experiences utilizing methodologies from high-quality (data) feedback loops. Ken used case studies from Africa and LATAM to provide high-quality data to businesses through structured conversations with consumers, ultimately driving business growth.

  3. Customer Centricity in the organization:  See the results of a local benchmarking survey using Ajua! Understanding how each level of the organization impacts your customer; from IT all the way to the Front line is critical.

  4. Moving from Customer Service to Customer Obsession: Using a revolutionary “flipped funnel” methodology, author and thought leader Joseph Jaffe introduced and outlined how customer experience – can become a powerful 1-2 punch capable of profoundly differentiating a brand from its competitors.  Establishing powerful relationships with customer evangelists and influencers and more importantly, arming this base with tools, techniques and incentives to spread word-of-mouth, recommendations and referrals to social networks, trusted peers and Communities

  5. Customer Journey Mapping: The EXco team, certified by world renowned Temkin Group presented a quick and dirty into Customer Journey Mapping; what is means, how it works and how to do it. PLUS, one lucky company won a FREE 1 day Customer Journey Mapping Workshop.

WHO ATTENDED: The decision makers, the movers and the shakers who want to harness the power of the customer.

When: Thursday October 24th, 2019. 

Sacha Thompson



The Customer Experience experts from around the world shared first hand experiences and best-in-class methodologies on delivering the ultimate customer experience.

Joseph Jaffe

Kenfield Griffith


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